Welcome to Naas Foods!
January 16, 2022

Welcome to Naas Foods!

Hello! We are excited for you to be here. 

Who We Are

Naas Foods is an Indigenous-led company that consists of a small but dedicated team of ocean enthusiasts working to create innovative food products made from regenerative aquatic resources that are convenient, delicious and most importantly, good for the planet.

We are proud to work within the Tla-o-qui-aht hahoulthlee where we hand harvest our husmin, or Bull Kelp, to bring our customers the rich umami taste that kelp has to offer. Naas Foods is rooted in nuučaan̓uuɫ culture and we strive to educate consumers on traditional knowledge and history of the local peoples through nuučaan̓uuɫ language and story. Read more about our mission and values here.

We are excited to provide kelp that highlights the incredible taste of the Pacific Ocean and goes beyond what most might think of when hearing the word “seaweed” or “seafood”. Our products are seriously delicious and offer a boost of ocean nutrients that can be incorporated into daily meals. And, while kelp is both nutritious and delicious, it is also a food that is sustainable and supportive of a thriving coastal ecosystem.

Why Kelp?

Kelp is found along much of the west coast, forming biodiverse ecosystems in the shallow waters of BC. Kelp grows similarly to land plants, soaking in sunlight to photosynthesize and grow into thick beds. Kelp is unique in that it grows incredibly quickly, with some species (including Bull Kelp), reaching up to 40 m in length and growing 20 cm a day in peak season! Its rapid growth and ability to uptake nutrients from sea water make kelp a wonderful marine food source.

Our selective harvesting timing and methods allow us to ensure kelp regrowth is optimized and natural kelp beds remain healthy season to season. Kelp grows using essentially only sunlight and seawater, without external inputs such as fertilizers, fresh water, or large machinery. By choosing kelp we can produce food with a lighter impact on the earth and support the ocean while providing local food on the coast and contributing to our community.

Interest in kelp and seaweed products is on the rise and we are here to share our knowledge along with what we have created here in Tofino. Follow along with us to continue to learn more about the story of kelp here on the coast, and beyond.

Find tips, recipes, science, fun facts and more here on our blog and on our social media channels. We hope that you join us in discovering this amazing seafood and all the ways to enjoy it!

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