Wholesale Kelp

Interested in Raw or Processed Kelp?

We produce and sell fresh, frozen, and dried kelp straight from our farm for customers in 

Canada and the USA. We have a 3000 sq ft processing facility where we are able to process kelp to a variety of specifications, and distribute across North America. 

We take pride in processing the finest fresh, frozen, blanched, and dried kelp with unrivaled expertise. With complete control over the drying process and the ability to customize grinding to various sizes, we are your trusted partner for all your kelp processing needs. Our carefully calibrated drying methods retain the kelp's nutritional integrity and enhance its shelf life, allowing you to enjoy and utilize its benefits for an extended period. Whether you prefer fresh, blanched, or dried kelp, our facility is equipped to deliver exactly what you need.

With our premium kelp processing, the possibilities are endless. Explore the culinary realm by incorporating our dried kelp into your recipes, or discover the industrial potential of kelp in a variety of applications. The versatility of our processed kelp opens doors to innovative solutions across multiple industries.