Our Farm

Our 98 acre farm is located in the pristine waters of Clayoquot Sound. Our farm site is the single largest kelp tenure in BC, allowing us to grow large volumes of kelp and a variety of species. 

Large catenary array grow systems will support our production of Giant Kelp and Bull Kelp. Our system and pristine waters will allow us to grow multiple species year round. Novel cultivation and processing techniques are being explored to enhance yield and lower costs of production.

Our farm is integrated into the marine ecosystem, creating a symbiotic relationship that nurtures both kelp and the diverse marine life surrounding. With its rapid growth rate and ability to absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, kelp holds potential to combating climate change and revitalizing our marine ecosystem 

Why Cultivated Kelp


Cultivated kelp is more sustainable than wild harvest, preserving natural kelp beds and regenerating marine habitats


Cultivated kelp ensures consistent supply, year-round, and is not subject to regulations on harvesting seasons

Our kelp requires no added nutrients, chemicals, freshwater, or arable land. Just sunshine and seawater! 


Our Giant Kelp and Bull Kelp is farmed in the clean and nutrient rich waters of Clayoquot Sound.